Postal Address:

PO Box 3203
North End

Physical Address:

30 York Road
North End
Port Elizabeth

Telephone: (041) 373 9894
GPS Coordinates: S 33.94218º E 025.60008º

Regional Manager: Marcell van der Westhuizen
Area Sales Manager: Cornel Cronje
Trading Hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00

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About Agricol Port Elizabeth:


port-elizabethAgricol Port Elizabeth specialises and supplies a wide range of products which include:



– Annual (clovers, medics, subterranean clovers, vetch, serradella)
– Perennial (lucerne, red and white clovers)


– Annual (ryegrass)
– Perennial (temperate and subtropical)
– Forage sorghum (conventional and sweet), root crops, saltbush

Bird Seed:

Fine seed mixtures, peas and beans, pigeon and chicken feed mixtures, maize, sunflower, raw peanuts, sorghums

Confectionery Seed:

Sesame, shelled sunflower, linseed, groats, shelled pumpkin, lentils


Oats, triticale, rye and barley


Lupins (bitter and sweet), faba beans, sunflower, (conventional and high-oliec), canola (conventional, hybrid and ATR), yellow and white maize for silage and grain, groundnuts, grain sorghum and soybeans.

Turf Grasses:

Creeping bent, dwarf fescue, rye, Cynodon dactylon, kikuyu, dichondra wonderlawn, poa pratensis and poa trivialis, paspalum, Evergreen and Shady mixtures