Welcome to Agricol

Agricol is a seed company that has already made deep inroads into the South African and international markets for more than 50 years. Our activities include plant breeding, production, international trade, processing and distribution of seed.


To become the leader in the South African seed industry and receive international recognition by building the Agricol brand.


To have a sales and marketing orientation, strategic local and international networking and alliances, and a continuous sourcing of new technology within the seed industry.

To be a reliable supplier of proven products through our commitment to continuous product innovation.

Research and Development

"New to the market products are the fuel to corporate longevity". Research and Development remains a high priority at Agricol so that not only seed, but also knowledge and information is being marketed. There are many R&D contracts in place between Agricol and research institutions, like universities. This, as well as licensing agreements with overseas counterparts, keeps us on the forefront of seed technology. New varieties from our own breeding programmes are scientifically tested, first under controlled conditions and then subjected to extensive field testing, before being released to the market.

Local and International Network

From initially an area-restricted seed dealer in the Western Cape, Agricol has become one of the leaders in this sector. With branches in all the main regions in South Africa and with an extended network of counterparts in different countries worldwide, Agricol strives to be number one in the search for alternative crops and species in a diversified field. 

Quality Control

Agricol's "in-house" government approved laboratory is well respected throughout South Africa. Germination and purity tests not only assures clients that the products comply with minimum specifications and standards, but also ensures that Agricol's high standards are maintained. 


Agricol's production division has the necessary knowledge to its disposal to produce seed of the highest quality that complies with the strict SANSOR certification standards, phytosanitary specifications, etc. Multiplication is being done under surveillance of trained and qualified inspectors and monitoring continues throughout the growing season. 

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BEE Certificate

Navrae oor die BEE status van Zaad Holdings en Agricol (Pty.) Ltd. kan gerig word aan Jackie Swart by kontaknommer 087 354 5602 of per epos na jswart@agricol.co.za

Address enquiries regarding the BEE status of Zaad Holdings and Agricol (Pty.) Ltd. to Jackie Swart at contact number 087 354 5602 or via email jswart@agricol.co.za

Agricol Niche Brands is here!

Your leading supplier of health, pet and garden care products

Agricol Niche Brands products will help you, your pets and your garden flourish!

We are thrilled to announce the founding of Agricol Niche Brands as a brand new entity within the Zaad Holdings group (part of the Zeder group)! Specifically created to cater for the retail industry, Agricol Niche Brands is geared towards making our various product ranges (Agricol and Animalzone) easily accessible to a much wider clientele.

Our products harness the power of nature to let you, your pets and your garden thrive! Boost your health, enhance the well-being of your pets and beautify your garden. Our offering is set to expand in time and make even more products available to you. Our introductory products include: health seeds, pet foods, vegetable seeds, flower seeds, grass seeds and fertilizer.

About our exciting brands:

Agricol is a prestigious seed company that has made deep inroads into the South African and international markets for over 50 years. Agricol is the No.1 sunflower and forage seed company in South Africa. With the founding of Agricol Niche Brands it is the aim of the board of directors to specifically focus on promoting the company to become the leading supplier of pet care, animal feed and garden products in Southern Africa.

Some highlights:

Grass seeds: Used by top golf estates, 75% of the 2010 Soccer World Cup fields and major sport stadiums!
Bird feed: Agricol is a high quality provider of bird nutrition with national distribution.
Health seeds: Preferred choice of leading bakeries.
Other products include vegetable seed, flower seed and fertilizer at competitive rates, which will soon be released in our brand new packaging.

Animalzone is a highly respected international pet food brand, which was developed by expert avian veterinarian Dr Deon de Beer after years of research. With a specific focus on parrot nutrition and health products, the premium Animalzone range includes bestsellers such as Parrot Food Plumage Enhancer, Muesli and Parrot Fruit Chunks – all of which are a completely balanced diet. The health supplements include Spirulina, Stress and Vitamin Powder and even a Vita Tea. Animalzone also features Rabbit Food, Hamster Food and a variety of products for non-feathered pets. Contact us for a complete list of products.

Contact details:

Head Office for Agricol Niche Brands: 2 Kenwil Street, Okavango Park, Brackenfell.
Tel: 021 981 7769

(Our satellite Agricol Niche Brands Office will be located in Nigel.
Address: 25 5th Street, Vorsterkroon, Nigel.
Tel: (011) 814 4466)


for Animalzone products: Andriette Conradie admin@animalzone.co.za
for Agricol products: Marianne Bezuidenhout mbezuidenhout@agricol.co.za


To collect Animalzone products, Bird Feed, Vegetable Seed, Flower Seed and Fertilizer:
2 Kenwil Street, Okavango Park, Brackenfell
To collect Health Seeds: 37 Eagle Street, Brackenfell.


Retail Sales Representative - Wilma Hagen whagen@agricol.co.za
Retail Manager - Chandelle Smuts csmuts@agricol.co.za
Operations Manager- Johan du Plooy jduplooy@agricol.co.za

Banking Details:

When doing business with Agricol Niche Brands, the following bank account is applicable:
Account Name: Animalzone (Pty) Ltd
First National Bank
Account Number: 62398971252
Branch: Willowbridge (210655)

Thank you for your continued support. We are looking forward to working with you and are excited about the future of our brand!

Yours truly

The Agricol Niche Brands Team

Proud member of    Agricol
In parternship with