Add Value with white sweet clover (Melilotus Alba)!

Why Melilotus Alba?

  • It is a highly palatable summer legume that livestock simply cannot resist
  • Although an annual crop, it has the ability to resow itself for the next season
  • With ample and well-spread rainfall, the crop can be grown almost anywhere
  • Well adapted to areas with an annual rainfall of 430mm +
  • It’s a very versatile crop and can be used in mixtures with other legumes
  • The seed is less dormant and quick to establish
  • Can be used to penetrate compacted soil and clay pans, can be used as a ground cover
  • Bees are attracted by the crop’s inflorescence,  which means the crop can be beneficial to honey production
  • High nutritional value – protein content of 15% and digestibility of 60%
  • Can be grazed as a green pasture or can be made into hay.
  • Handles periodic floods and droughts well.