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On June 14, the eyes of the world will be on Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium as Russia and Saudi Arabia stride out for the first match of the year’s greatest football tournament.

For 90 tough minutes, the 22 players will give the ball and the grass beneath their feet the most aggressive and unforgiving assault imaginable. The turf that can withstand those sliding tackles and the relentless pounding of studs has to be exceptional.


DLF turf in most Russian stadiums


In the Russian turf-seed market, DLF is a clear leader. With more than 100 turf varieties registered on the Russian National Variety List, there’s plenty for Russian groundsmen to choose from. So it’s no surprise to discover that eight out of the 12 tournament stadiums have chosen DLF grass seed for their moment in the spotlight.

“It’s fantastic to be a part of the World Cup for the third time in a row, and to have such a strong position in turf grass for this top event,” says DLF’s CCO, Søren Halbye. “Although the Russian stadiums are spread throughout various climate zones, we have identified grass solutions to suit the different conditions, and we are confident that our grass will last all the way to the final.”


New generation of stress-tolerant turf grasses


The cold winters, warm summers, and regional variations of the Russian climate present a string of performance challenges for turf grasses. Each Russian stadium has to take account of these stressful conditions when choosing its tournament grass. What works in one stadium may not work so well in another.

With its leading position in turf R&D, DLF can help. Through improved turf technology, our plant breeders have developed a new generation of stress-tolerant turf grasses known as 4turf®. These tetraploid perennial ryegrasses are characterised by high tolerance to stress, a deeper root system, and a deep green colour. 4turf® boosts turf performance and gives groundsmen the characteristics they look for in a world-class sports pitch. That’s why DLF turf grasses, and especially its 4turf® range, are such a popular choice among Russian groundsmen.


Green to the very last


Resilience is the primary characteristic for a grass grown for a world-class football tournament. During the long month of play, the 32 national teams will play 64 matches, seven of which will take place in the Luzhniki Stadium. Nevertheless, on July 15 when the winning team lifts the trophy, the fans will expect the turf of the Luzhniki to look as good as it did on the day the tournament started.