What is the benefits of cover crops?


The benefits of using cover crop mixtures are well-known and include, among others:

  1. Cover crops increase root mass in different soil layers.
  2. Cover crops lead to better aeration in the soil, as well as improved microbial distribution.
  3. Cover crops assist in the rapid build-up of humus or organic carbon levels.
  4. Cover crops offer better protection against pests and plagues and allow for healthier soil.
  5. Cover crops promote favourable conditions for beneficial insects such as earthworms.
  6. Cover crops increase the soil’s water filtration and retention ability.


Benefits of the AGRILIFE Grazer Mixtures


The AgriLife range has been developed as well-balanced cover crop mixtures with the benefit of also serving as excellent grazing for livestock, other benefits are:

  • Specialised mixtures that meet the needs of the novice as well as the experienced cover crop farmer.
  • Three multi-species cover crop mixtures that have been formulated for soil build-up as well as grazing.
  • Combinations of legumes, tubers and other crops offer benefits across the entire spectrum.
  • Well formulated mixtures for establishing the ideal 24:1 C/N balance.
  • Economic benefits included in using legumes in nitrogen binding.
  • Biological inoculants form part of each of the three mixtures stimulating rhizobium binding and root growth.
  • High quality affordable grazing.


AGRILIFE Grazer Mixtures


AGRILIFE GRAZER 2: Advanced 6-component winter mixture consisting of different annual winter grains, tuber crops and legumes.

AGRILIFE GRAZER 12: Advanced 8-component summer mixture consisting of different annual summer forage crops and legumes.

AGRILIFE GRAZER 21+: Advanced winter/summer mixture consisting of 21 and more annual components.


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