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Lucerne is a Perennial Summer Legume which is well adjusted to perform in almost all areas of South Africa.  It is widely adopted but prefers deep, well drained soils with neutral to high PH.

It can be sowed in clean, well prepared soils at a density of 25-30kg per ha under irrigation.

It is advised that seeds must be treated with Rhizobium Bacteria.

Lucerne can produce high yields from 18-30 tons of dry matter per ha per season when properly irrigated and given enough fertilizer.

It uses 21kg K, 13kg Ca, 2.7kg Mg, 2.7kg P,  2.7kg S and 25-30kg N to produce 1ton dry matter.

Optimum Planting Date for Lucerne is from February to May.

Cultivars: Dormancy: Features:
Agsalfa 10 10
  • Good Tolerance to soil Salinity and Sodicity, High Yield,
  • High Resistance to Phytopthera , Stem and Root Nematodes,
  • High Resistance to Blue-Green, Pea and Spotted Aphids.
ML 99 10
  • Multi Leaf (40% more), High Yield,
  • High Resistance to Crown Rot, Stem Nematodes,
  • High Resistance to Pea and Spotted Aphids.
Sardie 10 10
  • High Yield,
  • High Resistance to Stem Nematodes and,
  • Blue-green and Spotted Aphids.
Topaz 9
  • Good Tolerance for Phytopthera, Crown Rot and Bacterial Wilt,
  • High Resistance to Stem Nematodes and Spotted Aphids,
  • High Resistance to White Fringed Beetle.
Super Aurora 7
  • Fast summer grower with big Leafs and thin stems,
  • High Resistance to Phytopthera, Stem Nematodes,
  • High Resistance to Blue–Green, Pea and Spotted Aphids.
Magna 601 6
  • Dual Purpose, Grazing and Cutting,
  • High Resistance to Phytopthera and Pea and Spotted Aphids.
Super Nova 9
  • High yield and bred for fine stems,
  • Ideal for fast drying.
007 7
  • Meduim Winter-Active,
  • Grows fast in the summer months,
  • High yield potential.

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