• Areas with a yearly rainfall of 500mm or more.



  • Smutsfinger (Digitaria eriantha)
  • Rhodes Grass (Chloris Gayana)
  • Small Buffalo Grass (Panicum Coloratum)



Advantages of this mixture:

  • The mixture can be grazed from the first season,
  • All three components are tasty perennial grasses and possess good digestibility characteristics that can be used as standing hay.
  • The species compliment each other. Rhodes- and buffalo grass settles faster and suppresses the emergence of weeds. It provides the smutsfinger-component with a weed-free base to settle over time.
  • The mixture is suitable for most soil types.
  • The management of the mixture is according to normal smutsfinger management practices.
  • The mixture also combines well with legumes, such as sweet-whiteflower clover (Melilotus Alba).


Sowing Density:

  • Rows:  8-10kg/ha
  • Broadcasting:  15-18kg/ha


Planting Time:

  • October – March